Wednesday, January 12, 2011

look what i got!

i just took pictures last night...isn't it wonderful!?!

YAY! its my potion from tarayvonne at 19thdayminiatures. it's just wonderful. the green potion actually moves around in the bottle:) Thank you so much, tara! i love it!

to comment on my last post...unfortunately those pictures of the desks are from the zeta office collection not berritart collection :) lol.
as soon as i make the final pattern i will post pictures:) one pattern i'm happy with but the other is still giving me fits. i'm not getting the angles quite right, so more tweaking is in order.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

inspiration, motivation and new followers

it has been a while since i've posted anything. my mini mojo (as well as blog mojo) has been lacking.  well, not exactly. i've been thinking about this post for a while.  i was just trying to find the right words.  i'm the kind of girl that when i make something, i want it to look/be exactly right. exactly like i thought it should be when i imagined it.  also, i'm very impatient. i want it to look/be right the first time. so needless to say, i've been trying to get away from that mindset and just create.
i am working on sculpting a doll at the moment and it is very slow going because of course it's just not *quite* perfect. i don't know why it should's only the second doll i've ever attempted. i read in a blog somewhere that your first attempts at dolls will probably look like ugly old men no matter what look you were going for. this is true for me. my first doll is...well some say disturbing. she is very disproportioned (small head and large feet and hands). her face is a little scary...but she has a special place in my heart.  she's staying at my mom's house waiting for some clothes.  maybe she'll let me take a picture (after she gets the clothes).  anyway...
on to inspiration...
recent doll inspiration....debie at piskies-and-poppets. her dolls are amazing. i love this pig
furniture inspiration....leftcoastmini  and....
i was looking at ifitshipitshere and came upon this:


go here or here for a better look at he zeta office collection.

so for several hours on sunday i worked on miniature models (only paper templates) of


and last but not least....WELCOME to my newest followers:

margaret at petit-parterre
susi at minieden
megan (minidork) at modernminihouses   oh...another great source of inspiration for modern furniture:)

well, it seems that i have squandered away my morning and i must be off to work. thanks for following my blog:)