Monday, September 13, 2010

another project to tackle

i started working on a mini version of this

no pictures yet as it is still just a pile of wood:)

and welcome to glenda (#3)


  1. Hello, I just now saw you commented on my blog and asked some questions about my Alice in Wonderland scene. Sorry about that! That was so far back on my posts I missed it. I used fabric tack glue on the rabbit and bought some faux white hair at my local craft store. It was along involved process where I trimmed off hair from the main piece of fabric-backed pelt and added it little by little to the rabbit. Needless to say it took awhile! Thanks for your interest in my blog :)

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Berri!
    The shelves look neat - so many levels, and being able to see through them adds a dimensional interest :)