Sunday, December 12, 2010

this is what i've been up to

having fun experimenting with polymer clay. my honey and i drove up to maryland to shop at polymerclayexpress. what a fun shop! the owners are super nice! so much stuff...i could have shopped for days. really.

learning is fun:)


  1. I love your colorful mushrooms!

    Victoria ♥

  2. thanks! my next ones will be a bit more realistic:)

  3. Yes I had fun with my first little attempts at making fruit but I think I did it the hard way. I only had beige coloured clay so I painted all the individual fruits after baking, very time consuming. Practice make perfect.

  4. Hi did you get my message about your giveaway gift? I sent it out, let me know when you get it ok! Thank you-Tarayvonne

    P.S.-Cute little shrooms :)

  5. They all turned out pretty good for your first time...and will only get better. The little orange is my favorite. I would like to try polymer clay too.

  6. Great blog!! Thanks for commenting on my site, I hadn't found your blog yet. I look forward to following it! I love the blue and white table and chairs, very creative. Happy New Year!
    Mini smiles, MMH

  7. I love these photos!!! :) Sooo cute.
    Great blog btw! I'm a fan!

    xx Lucie